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Bentonite Powder, Volclay KWK Krystal Klear: Wine making Additives and Chemicals
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Bentonite Powder, Volclay KWK Krystal Klear Bulk 50 lbs

Model number: BN
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Bentonite, powder. Volclay KWK Krystal Klear.

The fine granular, sodium bentonite with superior adsorption & clarifying characteristics covers a wide spectrum of hazes especially unstable proteins. It has high purity with a high montomorillonite content and can be used at any stage of the winemaking process to clarify juice, wine, and cider. Its negative charge reacts to positively charged particles to precipitate them out. It prevents cloudiness while removing heat sensitive proteins.

Hot or cold water can be used to rehydrate. It is best practice to bench test to find the best usage rate but 1 to 2 grams per gallon may be sufficient with 4 to 5 grams per gallon if used during fermentation.

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