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Sparkolloid Powder Fining Agent for clarifying wine | Winemaking Supplies and Additives
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Sparkolloid Powder (Hot Mix): Multiple Sizes

Sparkolloid Powder (Hot Mix): Multiple Sizes
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Model number: SPP-5
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Sparkolloid, powder (hot mix).

A proprietary alginate based fining agent which covers a broad spectrum of hazes. It requires a little more care in preparation than bentonite, but generally gives excellent clarity in home made and commercial wine, requires no tannin addition and is quite neutral in respect to flavor changes. Normal usage is 0.5 to 1.5 grams per gallon. In preparation it is best heated in a double boiler until the little 'fish eyes' all dissolve into a homogenous mass and then immediately added to the wine. Avoid scorching the material by adding more water if necessary when heating.

Multiple quantities available. Click here to see a larger commercial size of Sparkolloid Powder.


Sparkolloid Powder (Hot Mix): Multiple Sizes
Average rating:
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Featured positive reviews:

Sparkolloid Powder (Hot Mix): Multiple Sizes
Very good white wine clarifier
I have used Sparkolloid for many years for white wine to get them bright. Good general rule of thumb is to add 1mg per gallon if you are going to skip bench trials. Make sure it goes in hot and don't scorch the mixture and have an off flavor in your wine. My favorite method is to fine with Sparkolloid follow with Bentonite and after a day or two cold stabilize the wine to limit the handling and possible oxidation. Cold stabilizing after helps to put a Tatrate crust on the fining materials and aid in a clearer racking.