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    California Juices Now Available for PICK UP!  


    Juice Pails Must be Picked Up at the Winery October 1st-9th


    california-central-valley-juice-winemaking.jpg The juice in these pails and drums come directly from California. No yeast is added to these juices so you still have the opportunity to add your preferred yeast. These products must be picked up at our winery; they can not be shipped. Pickup dates are currently scheduled for October 1st-9th.


    Varieties Available: We are offering 16 varieties of these juices from California, available in 6 gallon pails ideal for the home winemaker or in 55 gallon drums or 265 gallon totes for the commercial customer. See more details about these varieties.


    See Downloadable Fresh California Juice Form here


    Quantity White Variety   Blush and Red Variety   Zinfandel Royal 
    1-9 Pails  $64.00  $64.00  $65.00
    10+ Pails  $61.00  $61.00  $63.00
    55 Gallon Drums  $535.00  $535.00  $545.00
    265 gal Tote
    (Order by Phone Only)
     $2225.00  $2300.00  Call to inquire


    No Yeast Added. What does this mean to you, the winemaker? Rather than having the same yeast added to every variety of juice, we are giving you the ability to choose the best yeast for each variety. Our fermentation packets offer our Winemaker’s recommended selections of the optimal yeast for each variety. Many of these yeast strains are only packaged in quantities suitable for commercial applications, but we are breaking them down in quantities suitable for 6 gallons batches. Along with the yeast, each packet includes pre-measured quantities of nutrients to aid fermentation. These packets will give you the same tools professional winemakers use to achieve the best results.


    See our special Fermentation Packets with recommended yeast and nutrients for each pail variety custom selected by our Winemaker.  See the California Juice Order Form for the recommended fermentation packet for each variety


    Commercial Customers. Please contact us for custom pricing on large volume orders. Contact Randy at 814-725-1314 ext. 209 or via e-mail first for all of your grape and juice needs. 


    These Juices cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the winery.  If you need a SHIPPABLE fresh juice option, try our premium Australian Juices.



    Discover all Grapes and Juices for Winemaking                  Wine making supplies for commercial and home winemakers