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  • Premium Oak Barrels from Tonnellerie


    Presque Isle Wine Cellars proudly introduces our new barrel line from Tonnellerie Ô.  With Tonnellerie Ô barrels, Old World tradition and generations of oak forestry, selection, and milling knowledge meet New World innovation.  


    Tonnellerie O Winemaking BarrelsTonnellerie Ô sources its oak from the finest French and American forests, working exclusively with pedigreed family-owned stave mills to select and season the oak and fashion it into rough stave blanks with complete traceabillty back to the source.  


    The seasoned stave blanks are shipped efficiently and at low cost to Tonnellerie Ô’s California cooperage facility where its master coopers hand shape the staves and hand create, hand toast, and hand finish these exquisite barrels aided by state of the art cooperage machinery and a state of the art technical laboratory to analyze and verify the quality of the oak at each step.  



    This innovative approach allows Tonnellerie Ô to produce premium artisanal quality barrels at a non-artisanal price. Take a virtual tour of Tonnellerie Ô and see Tonnellerie Ô at work in the video below.



    Experience The Presque Isle – Tonnellerie Ô-vantage


    It’s about Family – like Presque Isle, Tonnellerie Ô works exclusively with long established family-operated stave mills for whom quality and craftsmanship are marks of family honor.  


    It’s about Quality– like Presque Isle, Tonnellerie Ô is relentless about using only the finest quality oak and the finest quality cooperage artisans and equipment in their product.


    It’s about Value– Tonnellerie Ô’s innovative process results in a compelling Price to Value ratio – artisanal quality without the artisanal price.


    It’s about Harmony– the quality of the wood and toasting and the range of barrel selections and toast options available make it possible to create the right barrel to work in harmony with your intended wine style and its local terroir.  These barrels enhance without overpowering, respecting your wine’s essential qualities.


    It’s about Experience and Trust– Presque Isle’s master winemakers and Tonnellerie Ô’s master coopers each have over a century of combined experience. That experience is at your service to help you select the right barrel design to enhance your wine.


    It’s about Having the Best of Both Worlds – Europe and America, Old and New, Quality and Value, Tradition and Innovation


    French Oak Barrels


    House Selections


    Winemaker Selections


    Futaie Selections

    American Oak Barrels


    Regional Selections


    Single Mill Series Selections

    French and/or American


    Hybrid Selections


    Specialty Format Selections



    See our Tonnelllerie Ô Pricing List



    If you would like additional information or literature or for a custom quotation, please contact Randy Branch @ 814.725.1314 ext. 209 or via email at