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Not affiliated with Presqu'Ile Winery, a California winery


We are a family-owned winemaking and beer brewing supply store and winery business, boasting award winning wines.  Our family has been growing grapes on our farm in North East, PA, near the shore of Lake Erie for over 100 years, and our family has been heavily involved in the establishment, growth, and quality improvement of the wine grape growing and wine industries in our region.  We love grapes and we love wine, and our family has a personal affinity and commitment to the arts of viticulture and winemaking well beyond just the benefits of operating a successful business.  

We believe in quality and strive to provide the highest quality equipment and supplies, highest quality fresh grapes and juices for wine making, and highest quality Lake Erie Region wines to our customers.  We expect a commitment to the highest quality standards from our growers, from our suppliers, and from ourselves.

We believe in value.  We come from thrifty Scottish and Norwegian stock and are constitutionally programmed to seek the most value for our money.  Being consistent with that outlook, we strive to provide our customers with good value in what they purchase from us – fair prices for quality goods and excellent, helpful, and responsive service. 

We believe in long term relationships.  We’re not in the business to make a quick buck or to collect every penny we can.  We prefer long associations with growers and suppliers who share our values and who provide reliable, high quality materials and supplies to us.  Many of our growers and suppliers have been with us for years, some for decades.  We would certainly like to earn long term associations with our customers as well, and a significant percentage of our customers have been with us for ten or more years.  Our relationship with our customers is of central importance to us and the goodwill of our customers has been a key to our success over the years.

We believe in service and we believe our service sets us apart.  We don’t just want our customers’ transactions to go well and smoothly; we want to help our customers to learn about making and appreciating good wine and to make great wine.   In addition to providing winemaking information and classes, we are happy to talk to our customers and provide help and answer questions.  Our staff is dedicated to providing courteous, responsive service and to helping you make the best wine and beer possible. 

There is something supremely satisfying about enjoying and sharing good wine (especially wine that you made), good food, and good conversation with others.  We believe in helping our customers create those experiences.  

Our customers’ success is our success.