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    One of the greatest satisfactions in our business is helping our customers make the best wine possible. In addition to providing our quality raw materials and products, we strive to make wine and winemaking information and education readily available to our commercial and home winemakers. We have assembled information and guides on various aspects of wine making that we hope you will find helpful. We will be adding to and improving this library regularly, so please re-visit and check in often.


    Basic Home Wine making Information

    Home Wine making Beginner's Checklist
    Home Wine making Basics with Fresh Juice Pails and Drums
    Glossary of Basic Winemaking Terms & Tips
    Home Wine making Basics
    Weights and Measures Info & Conversions  


    Home Wine making with Fresh Juice Instruction Sheets

    Home Wine making with Italian Juice Pails: Instructions
    Home Wine making with Chilean Juice Pails: Instructions


    Wine making Class Outlines

    Winemaking 101 - Basic Winemaking Class Outline
    Winemaking 201 - Intermediate Winemaking Class Outline
    Winemaking 301 - Advanced Winemaking Class Outline
    Balancing & Blending Course Outline


    Chemicals and Additives

    Introduction to Anti-Oxidants and Preservatives
    Using Sulfur Dioxide in Wine
    Better Wine Through Chemistry
    Specialty Tannins and Polysaccharides
    Usage Rates for Specialty Tannins


    Yeast and Cultures

    Yeast Selection Chart: Deciding Which Yeast Strains to Use 
    Yeast Strains Presque Isle Wine Cellars Uses In its Wines 
    Wine Yeast Usage Information and Tips
    Introduction to Malo-Lactic Cultures
    Instruction for Chris Hansen's Lab Malo-Lactic Cultures



    Using Pectic Enzymes
    Using Zyme-O-Clear Liquid Pectic Enzyme
    Using Zyme-O-Color Plus Liquid Pectic Enzyme  New Item



    Acid and Sugar Adjustment

    Ameliorating Wine
    Wine Amelioration with Water
    Acid Reduction Using Calcium Carbonate
    Lowering Sugar Content of Juices  


    Testing and Analysis

    Testing Free SO2 by Aeration Oxidation
    Diluting NaOH to Tenth Normal
    Standardizing NaOH Using Potassium Acid Pthalate (KaPH)
    Determining Total Acidity


    Filtering and Clarifying

    Clarifying Your Wine 
    Filter Media Explained 
    Use and Care of PIWC Filter Units
    Using Bentonite
    Using Sparkolloid
    Using PVPP as a Fining Agent
    Comparative Field Testing of PIWC and Pall Filter Cartridges 


    Filter Cartridge Use and Care

    Filter Cartridge Selection and Usage Chart 
    Filter Cartridge Compatibility Chart  
    Cleaning and Storing Filter Cartridges
    Graver Filter Cartridge Regeneration ProceduresNew Item: Note that this information is specific to Graver cartridges, and may not be applicable to other manufacturer's cartridges.

    Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedure for Graver Filter Cartridges New Item: Note that this information is specific to Graver cartridges, and may not be applicable to other manufacturer's cartridges. 
    Graver Filter Cartridges: Pre-wetting Hydrophilic Membranes for Integrity TestingNew Item: Note that this information is specific to Graver cartridges, and may not be applicable to other manufacturer's cartridges. 


    Barrels and Barrel Alternatives

    Barrel Use and Care   


    Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Cleaning and Sanitizing for the Winemaker  


    Vineyard and Grafting

    PSU Selecting Vine Material and Nursery Sources
    Using Chinosol and Grafting Wax  


    Tasting Wine

    The Wine Aroma Wheel - An Aid for Tasters
    How to Taste Wine Course Outline
    Wine Tasting Cribsheet- How to Taste Wine  



    Now that you are an expert in basic winemaking, check out our winemaking kits and explore your juice options to get started with your very first batch of wine, or purchase more supplies to take your wine making to the next level.