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Using Sparkolloid


Using Sparkolloid

Sparkolloid is a proprietary fining agent which is effective against a wide range of hazes. Sparkolloid carries a positive charge and thus combines with negatively charged particles, removing them from the wine. It should only be used on wine which has been racked at least one time.SPP-5.jpg

Mix 0.5 to 2 grams ( 1 to 1.5 tsp) of Sparkolloid in 30 ml (1 fluid ounce) of water per gallon of wine to be fined. Heat to boiling in a double boiler and simmer for half an hour. Prevent scorching by frequent stirring. Replace any liquid which is lost by evaporation with additional water. Stir the wine with a dowel and slowly add the hot Sparkolloid while still stirring.

The Sparkolloid will settle within a week at which point the wine should be racked again. The sediment from Sparkolloid is easily disturbed, so great care must be exercised during racking. It may be beneficial to follow the Sparkolloid fining with bentonite to give more compact sediment. The bentonite should be hydrated and added after the Sparkolloid has settled out completely.


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