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Using Zyme-O-Color Plus Liquid

Using Zyme-O-Color Liquid

Zyme-O-Color Plus Liquid is a highly active pectolytic enzyme preparation produced by classic fermentation of selected strains of Aspergillus niger. It has been especially developed for the maceration and color extraction of red grapes in wine making. This product should be refrigerated.


 Zyme- O-Color is standardized at an activity of 440 PLU/g; Heavy metals <30 ppm (as Lead); Density 1.1-1.25; pH 3.5-5.0; Available as a liquid.

Directions for Use

Zyme-O-Color can be diluted in a small quantity of cool water before addition in the tank. This allows for optimal dispersion.
Sprinkle over the grapes as they proceed to the press or add to the juice before starting alcoholic fermentation. Since bentonite is a protein adsorbing agent, bentonite must be added after contact time.

Hazard Warning

Eye protection is recommended. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


16-24 ml/Ton  OR  10-15 drops/5 gallons
1 mL = 20 drops               1 drop = 0.05 mL                  1 oz = 29.6 mL


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