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Acid Reduction by Water Amelioration

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Sometimes one can use chemicals to reduce acid in your commercially or home made wine, but cutting it with water (amelioration) is sometimes a very good and acceptable way to do it. It can be a very good wine making method for use in Labrusca grapes such as Concord, Delaware, Steuben, Catawba and the like because it tones down their very intense flavor and aroma as well as providing the added advantage of reducing acid quite substantially. Learn more about ameliorating your wine.

The formula for cutting of high acid grape must with a sugar and water solution is as follows:

Formula Step 1:

(Gal(s) of must or juice) x (Starting Acid) = Total Gallons (Desired Acid) Must or Juice

Step 2:

(Total Gal.)-(Starting Gal.) = Total Gal. H2O Addition

Step 3:

(Total Gal. H2O Addition) x (1.7) = lbs. of sugar to add to H2O (Result=20.8 Brix Sugar Water)

1. Desired Acid must not be greater than 0.35% without greatly diluting your wine.

2. Sugar and water solution will become a larger volume than previously calculated for total Gal. H2O Addition. The sugar will increase the volume by .075 gal per lb. of sugar


Learn more about ameliorating wine here. If you have further questions, feel free to Ask Doug, or give us a call at 814-725-1314 to assist you in the wine making process.