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Where Can You Find Our Wine?

In addition to local customers visiting our Isle House wine tasting room, our Pennsylvania customers (as well as those in the states that we can legally ship wine to) can now order our wine online for shipment to your door, or stop in at your local PLCB Wine and Spirits Store to see if our wines are carried in your preffered store.

Select Presque Isle Wine Cellars wines are available at select Wine and Spirits stores throughout PA.

Find Our Wines in Your Local Wine and Spirits Store:

Click Here to go to Wine and Spirits Store search page to see what PIWC wines are available at your nearest store. Once at the search page, click on the “Locate Store” button for your preferred PIWC wine variety which will take you to a search page which will list stores carrying that wine statewide, in your county, in your city or town, or in your zip code. If your favorite Presque Isle Wine Cellars Wine isn’t at your local store, let the store manager know that you are looking for it so they can consider carrying a larger range of our quality wines.

Thank you for enjoying and supporting our wines! Cheers!