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Varieties of California Juice Pails and Drums

Varieties Available: We are offering 16 varieties of California Juices from the Central Valley, available in 6 gallon pails or 58 gallon drums (no yeast added). 

California Red Varieties

Barbera: Known for its deep color, low tannins and high levels of acidity. With notes of cherries, raspberries and aromas of fresh fruits.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Rich, intense wine that has aromas of deep berry fruits and flowers. Has a smooth lingering finish.

Merlot: Known for flavors of plums, black cherries, violets and orange. Having less tannins than a Cabernet, it is mellow but still complex.

Petite Sirah: A dark, well balanced wine with sturdy tannins and flavors of violets and rosemary.

Pinot Noir: With coloring that can vary from a cherry red to a more purple red, including typical flavors of vanilla, raspberry, strawberry and plum.

Sangiovese: A hefty red wine that is known as being fruity and fresh that only gets better with age.

Syrah/Shiraz: Medium to full-bodied red wine with medium-plus to high levels of tannins and flavors of blackberry, mint and black pepper notes.

Montepulciano: This bold and bright varietal shows red plum, hints of spices, with aromas of sour cherry.

Zinfandel Royal: A deep red, spicy, peppery wine with a hint of fruity flavors of berries and dark cherries.

California Blush Varieties

White Zinfandel: Sweet and pink colored made from Zinfandel.


California White Varieties 

Chardonnay: A cold, dry, fruity and easy to drink wine making it one of the most popular wines in North America.

Gewurztraminer: With color that can vary from being very pale to a rich golden color and notes often described as floral or perfumed.

Moscato: An easily recognizable grape that is often sweet and always fruity, with characteristics of grapefruit and musky aromas.

Pinot Grigio: A crisp, dry wine with an acidic bite and aromatic, fruity flavors that only improve with age.

Riesling: a very aromatic grape variety that displays a flowery aroma and low tannins. Flavors are reminiscent of sweet red berries, plums, tomatoes, cherries and occasionally have a notable earthy or woody flavor.

Sauvignon Blanc: Light to medium-bodied, crisp and refreshing white wine with notable acidity and a wide range of flavors.