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About Our Comparative Cartridge Testing

Comparative Field Testing of PIWC and Pall Filter Cartridges
We believe our new Presque Isle Wine Cellars filter cartridges offer the best value in the industry. In our testing, for flow rate, throughput capacity, and visual results, these filters performed at a level that we found more than acceptable in every category.

We have conducted in-house field testing on these cartridges side by side with comparable cartridges in our Pall line. Using the same liquid (a wine settled after fermentation but before first racking) with intake hoses at the same mid-tank location, we ran the wine through identical filter units one with the Pall cartridge and one with comparable new PIWC cartridge. We calculated initial flow rates through the units for each cartridge. We then measured throughput capacity - the amount of liquid that could be filtered through each cartridge before clogging, defined as the point where the differential pressure across the filter was 20psi.

The results of both tests showed little or no measurable difference between the cartridges in initial flow rates or throughput capacity. We then visually inspected the filtered product. In our subjective opinion, the Pall filters produced a slightly brighter looking product with a bit more sparkle to the eye, but all of the wines were visually bright and clear and of very acceptable appearance.

Our testing was not performed to laboratory standards, but represents real world results intended only to provide general but hopefully helpful comparative information for our customers. We provide manufacturer’s specification sheets for more technical information.

When the price of these cartridges is considered, the results are even more impressive. And all of our new cartridges are compatible with our existing line of filter units and housings.