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  • Filtering and Clarifying Wine

    Clarifying your wine to produce a clearer, more impressive finished wine can be accomplished through wine filtration or through fining of your wine using wine clarifiers.

    • Wine Filtration is a mechanical means of clarifying where the wine is pumped across a wine filter that screens and catches impurities. Wine filtering is a very fast, efficient, and highly effective - but typically more expensive - method that can produce wines of striking clarity and brilliance.
    • Fining wine is a chemical method in which wine clarifiers, or fining agents, are added to the wine,  which chemically attract and settle out suspended particles through various mechanisms. Fining will not typically achieve the level of clarity that filtration can but it will produce significantly clearer and more polished final wine.  

    Learn more about using Filtering and Wine Clarifiers to produce a strikingly clear finished wine on our Winemaking 101 page.`


    BIG NEWS: We are now offering an expansion of our filtration product lines. In addition to many of the products we have sold for years, we are introducing our own line of cartridges and housings to give you even more choices and value options. Learn More.


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