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Not affiliated with Presqu'Ile Winery, a California winery


Presque Isle Wine Cellars produces and offers a wide array of wine varieties and styles to suit the range of our customer tastes. We care greatly about producing the finest quality wines possible.

Under the leadership of Doug Moorhead, our Executive Winemaker Bob Green, and our Associate Winemaker, Dan Wolfe, we have consistently produced many award winning wines and the Presque Isle Wine Cellars brand is recognized as a quality leader in the region.

Starting with the knowledge that great wine must start with great grapes, we have established long relationships with and buy our fruit only from the best regional growers who have committed to best practices and to our quality standards.

Under the watchful eye of our Winemaking Team, our high quality grapes are given equal care of art and scientific rigor through the crushing, fermentation, racking, aging, and bottling stages in their transformation into high quality wine. That care and insistence on only using the best grapes available has resulted in our wines winning many awards since our winery opened in 1964.

Presque Isle Wine Cellars produces many excellent traditional dry and semi-dry Vitis vinifera and French Hybrid varietal wines, as well as some exceptional Ports and Dessert wines under our flagship Presque Isle Three-Sails label.  Our Kisses line of ice style dessert wines made from Vidal grapes are legendary and have a national following.

We also serve our customers who prefer sweeter native Vitis labrusca based varietal wines and blends under our Creekside and Blue Heron labels.

Learn more about our wines by visiting our Online Wine Store and we hope you will come visit us in our Isle House tasting room as well. 

Click here to see and download our complete Wine Catalog.