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About Our New Filtration Line

Graver Watertec Filter Cartridges for WinemakingJust In Time for Filtration Season – New Filter Options from PIWC!

For 2016 Presque Isle Wine Cellars is excited to offer an expansion of our filtration product lines to give our customers even more options and value. In addition to our line of premium Pall filter products we have sold for years, we are introducing our own PIWC branded line of cartridges and filter housings to give you even more choices and value options.

Our Presque Isle Wine Cellars filter cartridges offer the best value in the industry. In our comparative testing, for flow rate, throughput capacity, and visual results, these filters performed at a level that we found more than acceptable in every category. When the price of these cartridges is considered, the results are even more impressive. And all of our new cartridges are compatible with our existing line of filter units and housings.

Fully FDA Compliant Cartridge Line
Also new this year, all of our filter cartridges will be FDA Compliant and identified with their level of FDA compliance for food contact. While home winemakers and most wineries do not currently fall under FDA regulations, we believe making the change toward compliant filters now is in every winery’s best interests. Our filter cartridges will be listed as FDA Approved or FDA Compliant. An FDA Approved cartridge has been fully tested and carries the FDA seal of approval. An FDA Compliant cartridge is made completely of materials the FDA has approved for food contact. A non FDA Compliant cartridge does not mean it is unsafe for use with wine filtration – all filters we have carried in the past that are noncompliant have been used safely and successfully for many years for wine filtration and have been certified and approved by the manufacturer for that use prior to the new regulatory requirements – it just means the cartridge and/or its components have not completed the testing by the manufacturer required for FDA approval for food contact. At this time most wineries are not required to use FDA Approved or FDA Compliant filtration although that day may be coming which is why we have decided to make this change.

Filter Cartridge Compatibility Chart (PDF): Presque Isle Wine Cellars is moving to an all FDA compliant and FDA Approved Filter Cartridge product line. This chart will show you the new filter products that are comparable replacements for the discontinued non FDA Compliant products.

Filter Cartridge Selection Chart (PDF): Created to help you determine which wine cartridge filter you should use based on your particular needs, as well as provide details for our filter cartridges. 

We also offer a large selection of filter housings, pumps, and complete units. We are also working with our manufacturer to add new filter housing options that will provide even more configuration options for our PIWC Filter Units at even better value. Our professionals are available to help you select and configure the system that is best for you. Call 800-488-7492 to speak with a customer service representative today.