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Port & Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are sweet wines often served in small glasses, usually paired with a dessert, fresh wine, or cheeses. Whether you choose to try our legendary Kisses Trio of ice style wines - our original signature Eskimo Kisses, its spicy sweet cousin Hot Kisses, its savory aromatic cousin Cinnful Kisses - or our exquisite vintage style Port, you are sure to be pleased by these award winning specialty wines.


Click here to download our Kisses Trio catalog pages.


Click here to download our Kisses and Tails collection of cocktail recipes.

Eskimo Kisses 2013 sweet white dessert wine

2013 Eskimo Kisses

Touriga Nacionale Port Dessert Wine Sweet

Touriga Nacionale Port


Kisses Three-Pack


Lake Erie Hot Kisses

Lake Erie Hot Kisses
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Cinnful Kisses