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  • Sympa-PI French Oak Barrel Alternatives

    Presque Isle Wine Cellars is pleased to be an exclusive representative of Tonnellerie Sympa-PI, a French cooperage that produces barrels of remarkable quality and value. We also offer Sympa-PI Oak Chips as an economical alternative to barrels. Sympa-PI’s high quality French Oak Chips are sourced from the same wood used in their exquisite barrels. Before chipping, the wood is dried naturally in the wood yard for 2 years and undergoes Sympa-PI’s strict quality controls. These chips provide aromatic effects in a short period of time and allow winemakers the ability to infuse the flavor and structure profiles of fine French oak into their wines without the high cost and space requirements of barrels.


    Chips are available in Sympa-PI’s most popular and versatile toast level – Medium Toast. Chips are available in 40lb bags, 5lb bags, and 500 gram packets. The Sympa-PI recommended infusion dosage is 20-30 lbs per 1,000 gallons..


    Presque Isle Wine Cellars has used Sympa-PI French Oak Wine barrels in our own award-winning wine production. Any time we have worked with Sympa-PI wine barrels and performed side by side trials with other barrels, we find that Sympa-PI barrels have never overpowered our wines with wood as have some others. While imparting the nuances and rich character that is expected from barrel aging, these barrels also preserved our terroir and varietal characteristics and enhanced the overall quality of the wine. We call this our Sympa-PI Advantage.


    The high quality, Sympa-PI French oak barrel alternatives offered by Presque Isle Wine Cellars can help to elevate your wine quality to the next level and give your wine the Sympa-PI Advantage at a fraction of the cost of barrels..


    Learn more about Sympa-PI and the Sympa-PI Advantage. 


    We also offer Sympa-PI French Oak Staves as a custom order item. Please contact Randy Branch at or 814-725-1314, ext 209, to place an order or get more information.