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  • Wine Fining and Clarifying Agents


    Our Wine Fining Agents include traditional chemical clarifying agents such as Bentonite and Sparkolloid, plus several newer ones with more specific applications. Refer to our Clarifying Your Wine document for more information about each fining agent and their recommended uses.  Use these various agents to produce a clearer, more brilliant finished wine. Fining agents may also be used for initial rough clarification before first filtering to make more economical use of filter media. 


    Best practice for commercial wineries is to test a variety of agents to determine the best agent and rate of use. This is less practical for home winemakers working with smaller batches, in which case a good method is to try a fining agent with a high probability of working, knowing that another one may have to be tried. 


    Learn more about Wine Fining Agents for Clarification on our Winemaking 101 page.


    Also see our full line of Wine Filters for those who may require faster, more complete clarification.


    Isinglass Powder Drifine fining agent | Wine Making Supplies and Additives

    Isinglass Powder

    Starting from $27.99
    Wine Fining Agent Gelatin Powder, 100 Bloom | Winemaking Chemicals and Additives Supplies

    Gelatin Powder, 100 Bloom

    Starting from $18.99
    Silica Gel (Kieselsol), NALCO 1072, 30% Colloidal Silica | Wine making Fining and Clarifying Agents

    Silica Gel (Kieselsol), NALCO 1072, 30% Colloidal Silica

    Silica Gel (Kieselsol), NALCO 1072, 30% Colloidal Silica
    Average rating:
    Starting from $8.99
    Wine Fining Agent Liquigel 50% to clarify wine | Winemaking Supplies and Chemicals

    Liquigel 50%

    Starting from $19.99
    Natural Tannin Powder Fining and Clarifying Agent | Winemaking Supplies

    Natural Tannin Powder

    Natural Tannin Powder
    Average rating:
    Starting from $4.99
    Reduless Wine Fining Agent | Winemaking Additives


    Starting from $19.99
    Sparkolloid Powder Fining Agent for clarifying wine | Winemaking Supplies and Additives

    Sparkolloid Powder (Hot Mix): Multiple Sizes

    Sparkolloid Powder (Hot Mix): Multiple Sizes
    Average rating:
    Starting from $7.99

    Super Kleer Liquid: 150 mL Two Part Packet

    Super Kleer Liquid: 150 mL Two Part Packet
    Average rating:
    Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic) to enhance wine aroma, wine making supplies

    Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic)

    Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic)
    Average rating:
    Starting from $5.99
    Zyme O Clear Liquid Pectic Enzyme | Wine making Supplies

    Zyme-O-Clear, Liquid Pectic Enzyme

    Zyme-O-Clear, Liquid Pectic Enzyme
    Average rating:
    Starting from $14.99