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Creekside Label Wines


We are pleased to offer our Creekside Label Wines as tribute to our region’s native Vitis labrusca grapes, which have long been the mainstay for the vineyards of northwest Pennsylvania. To enhance the distinctive, fruity aromas and flavors of these native varieties, we finish our Creekside Label wines with residual sweetness.


Scenic 12-Mile Creek runs by our winery with its lovely waterfalls and tree lined banks with sunlight filtering through the trees. In summer we like to picnic beside the creek, take off our shoes and wade across the smooth rocks, enjoying the cool and refreshing waters soothing our feet. This is the inspiration for our Creekside label wines - always light, cool, and refreshing- like summer days by the creek.


Enjoy these wines chilled with savory appetizers or light picnic food.


Creekside Niagara

Creekside Niagara
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Creekside Red

Creekside Blush Semi Sweet Rose Wine | Award Winning Wine from Presque Isle Wine Cellars