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Red Wines

Many red vinifera grapes grow very well in our region, especially varietals such as Blaufrankisch (Lemberger), Dornfelder, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir.  French hybrids such as Noiret (NY 73) and Chambourcin are making some delightful wines.  And of course there is our famous native Concord. We make a number of excellent traditional European style dry reds, as well a semi-dry transitional wine for the dry curious. We also make several sweet reds and red blends based on native labrusca grapes such as Concord.

In the area? Please consider visiting our wine tasting room in our Isle House so that we can help you choose your favorite red wine from Presque Isle Wine Cellars. 

Dry Reds

Semi-Dry Reds

Sweet Reds


Carmine Wine, rare dry red from Presque Isle Wine Cellars

2017 Carmine


The Undiscovered Country

$77.95 $75.00
2016 Dry Red Merlot Wine

2016 Merlot

2016 Noiret Dry Red Wine

2016 Noiret

2016 Cabernet Franc Dry Red Wine

2016 Cabernet Franc

2016 Cabernet Franc
Average rating:
Ripper Red Wine

Ripper Red


2016 Pinot Noir

$29.99 $27.99

2017 Saudade

2012 Blaufrankisch Wine | Award Winning Wine from Presque Isle Wine Cellars