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Dessert Wines

A dessert wine is a sweet wine usually served with a dessert or sweet treat. We are famous for our Kisses line of ice style dessert wines made from late harvest Vidal Blanc grapes. Our original dessert wine, Eskimo Kisses, is a favorite of many of our customers as well as of competition judges, consistently winning awards year after year. We also have two other dessert wines - Hot Kisses and Cinnful Kisses - that are fascinating taste experiences and shouldn't be missed, even by those who are not normally sweet dessert wine fans.


Click here to download our Kisses Trio catalog pages.


Click here to download our Kisses and Tails collection of cocktail recipes using the Kisses wines.


Hot Kisses

Hot Kisses
Average rating:
Starting from $16.99

True Blue

Holiday Kisses Trio

Kisses Three-Pack

Kisses Three-Pack
Average rating:
$89.99 $84.99
Three Little Kisses
Scarlet Kisses Ice Style Wine
Eskimo Kisses 2013 sweet white dessert wine

2017 Eskimo Kisses

Starting from $16.99
Four Little Kisses

Cinnful Kisses

Starting from $16.99
Little Kisses Sextet

Little Kisses Sextet

$102.00 $89.99