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Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic) to enhance wine aroma, wine making supplies
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Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic)

Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic)
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Model number: ARABINOL-22
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  • Concentration above 20%
  • extracted from Acacia Seyal
  • decreases bitter & astringent sensations
  • stabilizes the color of young red wines, thus reducing this precipitation in the bottle
  • prevents the onset of different ‘casses’, or disorders that sometimes occur in wines usually due to the formation of colloidal complexes of metals Ex. From stirring with a metal spoon
  • hinders cloudiness
  • can be added to finished wine
  • can be filtered after addition & will not clog sterilizing filters (>0.45 microns)
  • improves perlage of sparkling wines
  • dosage is between 2-19 mL/gallon or 50-500 mL/hL
  • strengthens & extends the action of metatartaric acid

Multiple sizes available. Click here to see a larger commercial quantity of Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic).


Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic)
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Arabinol (Liquid Gum Arabic)
product is fine. I use it to create a rounded mouthfeel. BUT, I'd appreciate a tech sheet showing suggested dosages.