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Carbosil Bulk Size for Winemaking Commercial Wineries
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Carbosil Liquid Carbon / Silica, Bulk 5 Gallon

Model number: CARBOSIL-25KG
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Intended for must clarification before or during wine fermention.  

Carbosil is a liquid clarifier based on silica and decolorizing carbon, with the intended use of must clarification before or during fermentation. It allows a quick and non-aggressive color removal in both musts and wines. The carbon contained in Carbosil is in liquid form, so the product is safe and practical to use. It is highly recommended for use on musts of Pinot Grigio, or those obtained from over-ripe grapes. It will yield a clear must/wine with no trace of carbon, and with compact sediment.

Although composed of 25% activated carbon, it is not meant to replace powdery carbon. Its effectiveness is diminished by the fact that it is combined with Silica, an inert molecule that ultimately will bind the carbon and make sure it settles well. It can replace Silica or Bentonite for optimizing and compacting the settling, in the static fining of white/rosé musts carried over in combination with Gelsol. Ultimately it will diminish the color of musts and wines treated with it. It is widely used in fermentation with an addition performed after the start of yeast activity.

Instructions for Use: Mix Carbosil in must/wine by pumping over. Dose the product either diluted 1:1 with water or full strength.

DOSAGE: Usage rate always depends on the wine or must to be treated, and trials are recommended. Normally Carbosil needs to be added at 5 to 10 times the amount of clarifier used. When the product is added to act with gelatin it will neutralize it, so time the addition accordingly.

When used as color remover during fermentation, rates of addition are between 25-60 ml/hl (2-5 lbs/1000 gal) (4.5 – 11g/5 gallons)

SHELF LIFE: 1 year at room temperature

This is the 5 gallon bulk quantity of Carbosil. For smaller quantities of Carbosil, click here

Click Here for Carbosil Instructions

This item is not eligible for promotional free shipping, when available.


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