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Wine Fining Agent Liquigel 50% to clarify wine | Winemaking Supplies and Chemicals
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Liquigel 50%

Model number: GEL50-23
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Liquigel-50 is a ready for use ultra pur liquid gelatin.The prolonged heating time during the manufacturing process makes the liquefaction process irreversible, and the addition of SO2 insures a long and stable shelf life. Liquagel-50 is designed to remove the tannins normally attributed to astringency while leaving untouched the anthocyanins responsible for color. The result is a softer wine which is less suceptible to oxidation.

Directions for use: Liquagel-50 can be used at full strength or diluted 1:1 with water. Add slowly to juice or wine while thoroughly circulating. 100 - 1550mL per 1000 gallons.

Multiple quantities available. Click here to see larger commercial size of Liquigel.

Click Here for Liquagel-50 Instructions


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