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Black Gondola Enamel: Food Grade Wine making Supplies
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Black Enamel Paint (Gondola 5964): 500cc

Black Enamel Paint (Gondola 5964): 500cc
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Model number: 5964BK
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Gondola Enamel, Black, 500 cc. For use with indirect food contact. A premium, heavy-duty coating combining the qualities of toughness and chemical resistance with the convenience of soap and water cleanup. Features superior gloss and color retention, for outside use, it also has excellent mildew resistance.

USES: Steel gondolas, equipment, bottling room walls, conveyors, presses, tank pads, stemmer/crushers, hoists

COVERAGE: 400 square feet per gallon. Depends on porosity of surface.

FINISH: Gloss.

VISCOSITY: Thin liquid.

DRYING TIME: Set to touch 15-30 minutes, recoat 2-4 hours. 

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface should be clean and free of loose paint, etc. Since it contains non-toxic corrosive inhibitors, it can be self priming. Sand surface well.

APPLICATION: Apply by means of brush, roller or spray.


RESISTS: Wine acids, caustic, alcohol. Good toughness.

CAUTION: Industrial product. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply when air temperature is below 60° F. Store in warm room. Do not spray in confined area without proper ventilation and respirator. Use in well ventilated area.

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Black Enamel Paint (Gondola 5964): 500cc
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Featured positive reviews:

Black Enamel Paint (Gondola 5964): 500cc
"Food Grade" paint is great!
I searched all over the internet, and this is the only site I found that had Food Grade paint. I have a 3 liter electric hot pot that I love (I drink hot tea throughout the day), but it is starting to have a little rust appearing inside the lid. I applied this paint with a sponge stick to the entire interior top of the pot, left it to dry for 2 days.
So far, so good. My pot maintains water at 190 F, paint remains in place after 5 days of use and counting...