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Italian Floor Corker for inserting cork in wine bottles | Wine making Supplies
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Italian Floor Corker

Italian Floor Corker
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Model number: ITCO
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This Italian Floor Corker model is similar to the Portuguese Floor Model (PCO), but with some improvements. The compression head is brass and it stands 3" higher than the Portuguese model at 35". The drive lever is longer giving better leverage, allowing the cork to enter the bottle effortlessly. It also possesses the qualities that are required to compress the large corks used with the 3 Liter and larger wine bottles. This high quality corker is a great investment for home winemakers.


Italian Floor Corker
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Italian Floor Corker
should have bought years ago
What a great device for driving corks. I should have bought on years ago. It works great although I suggest that you hold down on the cork as it is being compressed. Keeping the cork down tight in the compressor seems to make for a better installed cork. I also suggest investing in three rubber feet for the machine to help keep it from sliding on a concrete floor. It is a good investment if your into serious bottling.