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Viniflora CH16 Malo-Lactic Culture | Winemaking Supplies and Additives
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Malolactic Culture Viniflora CH16: 1.5 grams

Model number: CHML16
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Viniflora CH16 is a freeze-dried pure culture of Oenococcus oeni. It is a heterofermentative malolactic bacteria which has been selected to ensure a fast and safe malolactic fermentation when inoculated directly into wine. It has an excellent allround tolerance towards pH, temperature and SO2. The culture is especially appropriate for conducting fast malolactic fermentation in high alcohol red wines (up to 16 % vol.) with a pH value above 3.4.

Viniflora® CH16 conducts a fast malolactic fermentation in high alcohol red wine (up to 16 vol %) with a pH value above 3.4. In wines with lower alcohol levels the fermentation is even faster.

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