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Accuvin Free SO2 (Sulfer Dioxide) Quick Test | Wine making Testing Supplies
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Accuvin Quick Test: Free SO2 (10 tests)

Accuvin Quick Test: Free SO2 (10 tests)
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Model number: QTFSO2
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Sulfur dioxide (SO2) present in must and wine is not all useful as a preservative. Some is bound to other chemical components, reducing its effectiveness as a preservative by 30 - 70%.

Also, the degree of binding can change over time, affecting the ability of an adequate dose to continue providing its preservative properties. The effectiveness of sulfur dioxide as a preservative is also pH-dependent, with low pH wines requiring lower levels, and high pH wines requiring significantly greater concentrations to achieve the same effectiveness as in a typical wine with a pH of 3.3 - 3.4.

The Accuvin Free SO2 Kit is divided into a Low Range (0 - 40 ppm) and a High Range (40 - 130 ppm). Shelf life is approximately 4 months.


Accuvin Quick Test: Free SO2 (10 tests)
Average rating:
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Accuvin Quick Test: Free SO2 (10 tests)
Better but...
The Accuvin Quick Test is definitely a step up from Titrets & works with red wines. The cost is high for what you get ($4/test). The quality of the color chart against which you compare your sample is poor. There should be a progressive intensity of color going up the chart & that is not the case, which makes it difficult to interpret results.