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Champagne Cork: 3 piece | Winemaking Supplies
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Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork

Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
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Model number: CKCH
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The CKCH is made of real cork and is a 3 piece #13 closure and requires a special corker. 30mm x 47mm long

Used with the champagne bottles (SKU=W35).


Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
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Featured positive reviews:

Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
Champagne Cork Size
These corks fit champagne bottles with a 29mm opening.

Champagne bottles come in 29mm and 26mm finish. The American standard champagne bottle opening is 26mm and will not work with these corks, however, the plastic champagne stoppers on PI's website will fit 26mm bottles.

Please measure your bottle!

Featured negative reviews:

Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
Cork Issues
The campagne corks I received from PI Wine did not fit into the necks of the standard champagne bottles that I have been using. Unusable. I am using the Colonna bottler with the champagne corking option.

The Belgian ale corks I used previous to the 3-layer champagne corks were also problematic -- would not release under pressure. I had to use a corkscrew to extricate each one.

The bottles and the corks are incompatible and I would very much like to resolve this compatibility issue before my next batch--likely to be a sparkling Elderflower wine.