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Champagne Cork: 3 piece | Winemaking Supplies
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Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork

Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
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Model number: CKCH
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The CKCH is made of real cork and is a 3 piece #13 closure and requires a special corker. 30mm x 47mm long

Used with the champagne bottles (SKU=W35).


Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
Average rating:
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Featured positive reviews:

Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
Cork/bottle differences
Are you using Chimay/Ommegang bottles or true champagne bottles? They do have different neck sizes and this can create some unique challenges if you don't get the right cork.

Featured negative reviews:

Champagne Cork: 3 piece #13 cork
Cork Issues
The campagne corks I received from PI Wine did not fit into the necks of the standard champagne bottles that I have been using. Unusable. I am using the Colonna bottler with the champagne corking option.

The Belgian ale corks I used previous to the 3-layer champagne corks were also problematic -- would not release under pressure. I had to use a corkscrew to extricate each one.

The bottles and the corks are incompatible and I would very much like to resolve this compatibility issue before my next batch--likely to be a sparkling Elderflower wine.