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FT Rouge- Fermentation Tannin for Red Wine | Winemaking Supplies
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FT Rouge- Fermentation Tannin for Red Wine

Model number: FTR-3
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FT Rouge, fermentation tannin for red wine.

This is a proprietary tannin specifically formulated for the North American market. It is a blend of reactive tannins derived from chestnut and exotic wood.

Addition at the beginning of fermentation helps preserve the natural tannins of the grapes so they can combine with anthocyanins to optimize stability of color and enhance mouth feel. It give antioxidative protection and inhibits oxidative enzymes, such as laccase, which is associated with browning.

Slowly sprinkle directly on grapes at the crusher or add to the must during pump over (mixing). More additions can be done during mixing at a rate of 0.5 lbs per 1000 gallons (0.2 gms/gal).

If this or other tannin is added post fermentation, wait 3-6 weeks after addition before racking, fining, filtering or bottling. Dosage varies for vinifera , non-vinifera and other fruit and may range from 1/6 to 4.8 lbs per 1000 gallons (0.7-2.1 grams/gal). See the spec/instruction sheet for specific information.

Unopened packages have a shelf life of five years at 65˚ F. If opened or repackaged, keep tightly sealed and dry. As with most additives, it makes good sense to test with bench trials.


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