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  • Tannin Products and Mouthfeel Enhancers

    Tannins in wine making contribute to taste, providing bitter and astringent flavors, allowing the wine to taste dry. They may also eliminate excess proteins, increase and stabilize red color pigments, reduce oxidation rates, aid clarification, improve aromas and mouthfeel and supply phenolics, which contribute to positive health benefits. Tannins occur naturally in grapes, mainly as anthocyanins, catechins, and condensed tannins, but usually not in a sufficient enough quantity to obtain certain elements desirable by winemakers. The following products are our wine tannin additives and mouthfeel enhancers available for sale.


    Other tannins are extracted from barrels used in wine aging- such as hydrolyzable tannins, gallotannins, and elagitannins.


    Glycerine (Glycerol) Liquid to increase body in wines | Winemaking Additives and Supplies

    Glycerine (Glycerol) Liquid

    Glycerine (Glycerol) Liquid
    Average rating:
    Starting from $6.29
    FT Rouge- Fermentation Tannin for Red Wine | Winemaking Supplies

    FT Rouge- Fermentation Tannin for Red Wine

    FT Rouge- Fermentation Tannin for Red Wine
    Average rating:
    Starting from $6.99