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  • Homemade Wine With Concentrate Kits

    We always recommend using fresh grapes or juice grown by a conscientious grower for your wine, but Home Winemaking Concentrates, or Wine Kits, are an excellent alternative when fresh grapes or juice may not be available or in season.


    Winemaking Concentrate juices will produce quality, sound wines, and are a great option if:

    • fresh grapes or juice are not readily available to you,

    • if you want to try a variety that is not available in your area,

    • if you find yourself wanting to start a batch of wine outside of harvest season,

    • or if you just prefer greater convenience and simplicity. 


    The quality and consistency of concentrates have improved greatly over the years, and offer a variety of choices. Manufacturers use raw materials from vineyards in some of the best grape growing areas around the world.


    If you would prefer fresh grapes or juices for your wine, discover our Fresh Grapes and Juices offerings.


    We carry only the highest quality winemaking concentrates and are pleased to offer the following four brand choices:

    Grand Cru Winemaking Concentrates




    Grand Cru Concentrate Kits


    (4 week kit) makes more of a traditional wine finishing dry or slightly off dry

    Cru Select Winemaking Concentrates



    Cru Select Concentrate Kits


    (6 week kit) also makes a traditional wine finishing dry or slightly off dry.

    Orchard Breezin' Winemaking Fruit Concentrates

    Orchard Breezin' Concentrate Kits


    Grape based wine with fruit flavors and finishes sweeter.

    Eclipse Premium Wine making Concentrates

    Eclipse Ultra Premium Concentrate Kits


    Ultra-Premium concentrate made with the finest quality varietal juice to satisfy the discerning palate.