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  • Sugar Testing

    Home and commercial winemakers require the ability to test the sugar content of their juice or wine in order to control alcohol levels and manage the fermentations of the wines.


    Winemakers should test the sugar level of the juice before fermentation because the level of sugar that exists at this time will determine what the alcohol level of the resulting wine. At this stage, use a refractometer or hydrometer for measuring sugar content. See our informational wine making article on lowering the sugar of your grapes or juices prior to fermentation if you discover your beginning sugar levels are too high. 


    Winemakers test for residual sugar after fermentation to determine if their wines are fully fermented. The following clinitest sugar testing products below will be the most accurate way to test this.



    Residual Sugar Test Kit (AimTab)

    Residual Sugar Test Kit (AimTab)
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    Tablet Refill for AimTab Residual Sugar Test Kit

    Tablet Refill for AimTab Residual Sugar Test Kit
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