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    These versatile high-quality open top variable capacity stainless steel wine tanks are a great piece of equipment for the wine cellar.  Designed with adjustable floating lids to permit variation in the tank volume with the volume of contained lliquid and can be used for fermentation, wine storage, and bottling.  The lids have a built in air lock and an expandable pneumatic vinyl edge gasket with an attached air pump to seal the top to the sides of the tank at any desired level.


    Tanks have threaded opening at the bottom where the spigot/valve attaches. 600L and larger tanks come with Tri-Clamp fittings and valve system.  500L tanks and smaller have bulkhead openings for screw-in fittings.  Inquire about an option for an improved Tri-Clamp fitting and valve system for the smaller tanks.  Tanks are 18 gauge stainless steel and available in sizes ranging from 100L (26 gal) to 2000L (528 gal).


    Tanks come with:


    • Stainless lid with pneumatic vinyl gasket allowing lid adjustment to fit volume in tank
    • Gasket air pump and system accessories
    • Tri-Clamp bottom opening with Tri-Clamp fitting and butterfly valve with tanks 800L and larger.
    • Bulkhead bottom opening with screw in Ghidi valve spigot on tanks 600L and smaller. Tri-Clamp fittings available as optional add-on.
    • Fermentation Lock 


     Capacity (L)  Capacity (gal)


    Dia x Ht

     100L 26  16.25” x 29.5”   $439.99 
     200L 52  20” x 39.5”  $529.99 
     300L 79  24.5” x 39.5”  $649.99
     400L 106  29.5” x 40.5”  $749.99
     500L 132  28.25” x 49.25”  $869.66
     600L 159  30.75” x 49.25”  $995.99
     800L 208  36.25” x 49.25”  $1,349.99
     1000L 264  36.25” x 59”  $1,399.99
     2000L 528  51.5” x 59”  $2,499.99


    NOTE: These tanks are special order- call for pricing, availability, and delivery time. Ample supply of varied stainless steel fittings, including tri-clamp fittings and butterfly valves, are available, please inquire. Not eligible for free shipping.  All tanks larger than 100L must be shipped by Truck Freight. 


    Don't see the size you need or need specific options? Call us at 814-725-1314 to inquire, or see our wine making supply catalog for more details.  We can help you build any tank configuration you will need.