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    We carry wine filter pads compatible with our Buon Vino Jet filter units for the home winemaker and an assortment of Crystalline Silica Free (CSF) Filter Sheet filter pads in standard 40cmx40cm sizes compatible with many Plate and Frame filter units used in the commercial winemaking industry.  The pads come in different porosity options to allow you to obtain the level of wine filtration you desire. Use a coarse wine filter pad initially to only remove the largest particles followed by medium and fine filter pads for polishing and deeper filtration and microbial stabilization of your wine.   


    Note we recommend using potassium sorbate in any wine which will be bottled with residual sugar to prevent possible unwanted secondary fermentation in the bottle. Even with use of filter media specifically designed for microbial stabilization, unless the wine is bottled in a completely sterile envornment, there is a small possibility that some yeasts may be present in the bottled wine..


    Learn more about wine filtration and wine filter media on our Winemaking 101 page.


    Also see our wide selection of wine filter cartridges, compatible with our PIWC Brand Cartridge Filter Units and our Enolmatic Vacuum Bottle Filler Filter Units.