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    Natural yeasts exist in grapes and fruit that can initiate fermentation, but no winemaker should rely on them.  Our specially formulated winemaking yeasts will not only ferment more completely and effectively, but they can also be selected to provide optimum stylistic qualities for your desired type of wine. For assistance in choosing the best yeast strain for your wine, see our yeast selection chart, or see what yeast strains our professional winemakers are using in our award winning Presque Isle Wine Cellars wine. 


    A malo-lactic fermentation (MLF) is a secondary bacterial fermentation which converts malic acid into lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The effects of this type of fermentation are desirable in many wines.  Our malo-lactic cultures contain the necessary bacteria to initiate MLF and allow you to obtain some of the positive wine traits that will result from it. For more information on Malo-Lactic Cultures, please see our article: Introduction to Malo-Lactic (M-L) Cultures.


    We've been busy improving things and,  in the process of moving products from our old site to our new website, a few may have gone missing.  While we are rounding them up, If you do not find a product you are looking for, please call us at (800) 488-7492 to order it by phone.