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Cleaning and Storing Filter Cartridges

Cleaning and Storing Filter Cartridges

1. Once you are finished filtering, run fresh, clean water through your filtering system to rinse the wine out of the filter housing, filter cartridge and hoses. Do not back flush the filter cartridges.

2. Remove the O-rings on the filter cartridge and place cartridge in storage tube. Store the O-rings in a safe, dry place. (We do not have extra O-rings so don’t lose them.)

3. You can store the rinsed filter cartridges in either a minimum 40% alcohol solution (for example, Vodka), or you can mix a storage solution. In a gallon of water add 2 teaspoons of Potassium Metabisulfite and 1 tablespoon of Citric Acid. Mix well. (Do not use Denatured Alcohol)

4. Place the filter cartridges in the storage tube and fill the tube with the storage solution of your choice, fully immersing the cartridges.

We have storage tubes for both the 10" filter cartridges (ST12), and the 20" filter cartridges (ST24)


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