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Citric Acid Powder: Winemaking Chemicals and Supplies
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Citric Acid Granular, USP

Citric Acid Granular, USP
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Model number: CA-3
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Citric Acid, powder, USP. It is found in small amounts in grapes and in larger amounts in many other fruits. It can be metabolized during fermentation, so usually very little remains at the end of fermentation. Best practice is to add it after the end of fermentation. As an acidulant it has the advantage of not upsetting tartrate stability, but at higher levels of addition it may impart a bright 'soda pop' character. Like tartaric acid, it buffers to a low pH. It takes about 3.4 grams per gallon to increase acidity by 0.1%

Available in multiple sizes. Click here to see a larger commercial size of Citric Acid Powder.


Citric Acid Granular, USP
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Citric Acid Granular, USP
Various uses in winery.
I do not use this product to make acidity adjustments to wine. It is used as a buffer component in a KMETA sanitizing solution. When used after cleaning equipment, hoses, and winery gear, it is effective in neutralizing the Soda Ash cleaning solution. We also use this in solution with cold water to prepare our plate and frame filter pads prior to filtering operations.