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Buon Vino Super Jet Filter Pad #2 (Medium)

Buon Vino Super Jet Filter Pad #2 (Medium)
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Model number: BVSJF2
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Buon Vino Super Jet Filter Pad #2 (Medium); package of 3 

Buon Vino filters use a 3 grade pad system. The #2 Medium pads (1 micron) are polishing and brightening pads and they remove medium to small particulate in your wine and add the shine to your wine. These pads will show significant improvement in your wine's clarity.

Each package comes with 3 pads. Do Not Mix Filter Pad Types. All Filter Pads inserted into the Buon Vino Filter Machine for any filtering pass MUST be of the same grade for effective filtering, When the gauge pressure reads 18-20 psi, the filter pads should be changed. Pads are not reusable and should be discarded after initial use.

Only genuine Buon Vino pads should be used with the Buon Vino filter units. Using other pads may produce poor results, may damage the unit, and may void the warranty.

Download the Buon Vino Super Jet instruction manual for detailed instructions on proper set-up, use, and care of the filter unit and pads. These instructions should be read carefully and followed for best results.

Download Buon Vino Super Jet Instructions



Buon Vino Super Jet Filter Pad #2 (Medium)
Average rating:
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Featured positive reviews:

Buon Vino Super Jet Filter Pad #2 (Medium)
Great filter product
I have been using this filter and just switched my purchasing to Presque Isle. Great pricing, service and now free shipping. Recently I was about to bottle wine that appeared to be clear in the carboy. I almost skipped filtering but am very glad i filtered it. At the end the filter pads were brown and my wine was sparkling clear.