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Hand Refractometer Westover ATC | Wine making Supplies for the Vineyard
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Hand Refractometer ATC: 0-32 Brix

Hand Refractometer ATC: 0-32 Brix
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Model number: WRF-ATC
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The refractometer (which measures 0-32 Brix) is an essential piece of wine making equipment used by vineyardists and winemakers. This tool takes quick and accurate measurements of the amount of sugar (percentage Brix) in grapes or other fruit. Determining the percentage Brix allows the winemaker to determine the ripeness of the fruit in the field, helping to determine optimum harvest time.

While the refractometer is best used in the field for unharvested grapes and fruit, The hydrometer is the wine making tool we suggest home winemakers use when measuring sugar content once the juice has been pressed. Knowing the sugar level at which your juice began can be important in estimating the alcohol content the juice will ultimately yield.

This refractometer has a steel and glass head and prism with an easy to read magnified scale, ergonomic rubber finger grip, and all metal construction to make this refractometer an exceptional value. This essential hand held tool is also equipped with superior optics, an easy-to-read display, and an automatic temperature compensation (ATC) system. ATC allows the refractometer to maintain accuracy at a wider range of ambient temperature shifts.


Hand Refractometer ATC: 0-32 Brix
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Hand Refractometer ATC: 0-32 Brix
Brix tester
For the price the plastic lens wobbles and a little hard to read if you do not have 20 year's vision. The manufacture should have the Swiss Army knife people make it for them. Otherwise feels substantial and has a good zippered case but should probably we worn around the neck on a loop.