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Tannin Estate- Cellaring Tannin for Red Wines | Wine making Supplies and Additives
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Tannin Estate- Cellaring Tannin for Red Wines: 55 grams

Model number: TE-3
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Tannin Estate, cellaring tannin for red wine. This product can help compensate for lack of tannins in finished wine without the “dryness” associated with barrels. Fruit character, mid palate and complexity are enhanced and some anti-oxidant protection is provided. It is best to use prior to barrel aging to encourage tannin integration over time but there can also be dramatic tannin improvement if added prior to bottling. In that case it is best to allow six weeks before bottling. There can be success if the addition is made closer than six weeks prior to bottling, but less throughput during filtration may result. Add during transfer (racking) and mix thoroughly. Additions may be made during the first 2 -3 rackings and be followed by organoleptic evaluation. Use 0.42 to 2.4 lbs per 1000 gallons (0.19-1.1 grams/gallon) depending on timing of addition with lower rates if additions (s) are made prior to bottling. Unopened the shelf life is 5 years and less if opened or repackaged


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