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Vino ProTank Cylinder Tank

Model number: VPCT
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The Vino Protank Cylinder Tanks are designed for optimal use of cellar space! These light, easily maneuverable tanks are perfect for maximizing storage space and movement flexibility in your cellar.  The Cylinder Tanks are designed to fit four on a standard pallet, and come with other great design features that make them a breeze to move, access, clean, and store.  Best of all, these USDA certified food grade polyethylene tanks give you the functional benefits of barrels or stainless tanks at a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the weight, and in a fraction of the space!


Available NOW on demand - Can ship within 24-48 hours!


Available in 50-Gallon (190L) and 80-gallon (300L) sizes.  Select your size when ordering.


  • Rugged, durable, and sanitary Polyethylene tanks made from USDA certified food grade resins - Useful life up to 20 Years!


  • Get the advantages of barrels and stainless tanks at a fraction of the price, a fraction of the weight, and a fraction of the space.


  • Designed by wine pros for winemakers' needs – Our Supplier has over 20 Years Experience perfecting and manufacturing tanks for the Australian and US wine industries.


  • Designed for maximum space efficiency and flexibility and ease of movement in your cellar. Easy to lift and move and much more space efficient than barrels and tanks.


  • Supremely Versatile – Can be used from fermentation through bottling! Tanks are suitable as fermenters, as aging vessels, and for storage with ultra-low Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) comparable to barrels and tanks.


  • Easy to Access and Clean – Wide-mouth top, non-reactive material, and seamless construction make it easy to keep your tank clean and sanitary inside and out!


  • Space Efficient – Designed to fit four tanks on a standard pallet for efficient storage and easy movement and transport. 


Great Design Features!


  1. Tanks available in Aging tank wall thickness.  Aging Tank Wall Thickness - Simulates the micro-oxygenation provided by barrels; perfect for oak aging red wines using oak chips, spirals, or staves.  Age your wine just like a 2-Year Barrel Program and repeat multiple times over the tank service life!



  1. Patented quarter-turn locking, gasketed lid for Simple and Easy install and Reliable airtight seal.


  1. Sturdy and Reliable stainless steel “out-only” air lock valve with adjustable 0-20 psi pressure relief


  1. Wide-mouth top for easy access and cleaning.
  2. Ports for optional Tassalini Tasting valve and bottom drain valve.


Available in 240-Gallon and 300-Gallon Stacking Tank configurations as well. Please click HERE for more details.


NOTE: PUBLISHED TANK COST INCLUDES TANK, TOP WITH AIR LOCK VALVE, and PLUGGED PORTS FOR OPTIONAL VALVES ONLY.   Product photos may show optional valves & accessories which can be purchased separately•

Add-on optional valves for the Stacker tanks are available HERE!


This product ships via Truck Freight ONLY

Published Tank cost does not include shipping.  Someone from Presque Isle Wine Cellars will contact you once you place your order to confirm the shipping charges.

This item is not eligible for promotional free shipping, when available.

This product ships via Truck Freight ONLY.

Please contact Presque Isle Wine Cellars at 814-725-1314 for information about shipping charges and arrangements.

If you order this item without contacting us first, we will contact you to collect any additional information and confirm shipping costs you will incur.


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