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American Oak Wine Barrel 5 Gallon | Winemaking Supplies
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American Oak Barrel 5 Gallon

American Oak Barrel 5 Gallon
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Model number: OB5
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Introducing our 5 Gallon Premium American Oak Wine Barrel for aging and fermenting wine. A tradition in wine making, using oak barrels can add unique and desirable aromas and flavors to your wine, bringing out qualities of the original grapes used. Made from the finest Northern American Oak.  Medium Toast. 

Details and Dimensions:

Width: 12.5"
Height: 17"
Bilge: 14"
Gallons: 5
Product Weight (lbs): 31
Bands: 6 bands - 4@1-1/4" 2@1"
Band Guage: 16
Stave Thickness: 1-1/8"
Wood: Northern American Oak 

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American Oak Barrel 5 Gallon
Average rating:
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

American Oak Barrel 5 Gallon
5 Gallon Oak Barrels
Great quality barrels. Not a single drop of water leaked when I filled with water to swell them. Volume is probably closer to 6 gallons as I filled each of my barrels with 1 completely full 5 gallon carboy plus a 1 gallon jug and there was still considerable headspace. You may want to plan on 6.5 gallons of wine per barrel to fill and top off as needed.