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Ice Proof Resin Glue BA1494: Wine making Supplies
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BA1494 Ice Proof Resin Glue 16oz

BA1494 Ice Proof Resin Glue 16oz
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Model number: BA-23
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Label Glue. Many different glues may be used in the gluers. Those listed work well with a variety of papers without wrinkling; a common problem. The dextrin based GF5 glue is easy to apply and can be left in the gluer for several days as long as a damp cloth is placed over the rollers and the gluer is placed in a plastic bag. Its only disadvantage is that the label may fall off if the wine is stored where it is cold or placed in an ice bath or in cold water. The resin based GF835 and BA glues are "ice proof" and will hold quite well at low temperatures, but you will need to clean the gluer immediately after use. All of these glues work well with manual or motor driven roller type gluers


BA1494 Ice Proof Resin Glue 16oz
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BA1494 Ice Proof Resin Glue 16oz
Label Glue
Very pleased with this product. I use it to hand label wine and beer. Very strong bond, but will release label with a good soaking.