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Calcium Carbonate Powder, USP: Commercial Bulk Size | Chemicals and Additives for Wine making
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Calcium Carbonate Powder, USP

Calcium Carbonate Powder, USP
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Model number: CC-5
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Calcium Carbonate, powder, USP (precipitated chalk). Used to reduce acidity in wine or must. It reacts preferentially with tartaric acid over malic acid, so best practice involves adding it to a fraction of the wine and recombining the fractions after the reaction (inquire about using this procedure). Because pH increases with the reduction in acidity you can seldom reduce acidity by more than 0.3 to 0.4%. Use this as early as possible to allow time for tartrate stability and for a reduction in the taste from calcium ions. 2.5 grams of this material will lower acidity by 0.1%.

Multiple sizes available. Click here to see larger commercial quantities of calcium carbonate.

Click Here for Acid Reduction Instructions


Calcium Carbonate Powder, USP
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Calcium Carbonate Powder, USP
Calcium Carbonagte
Received in perfect condition. I decided not to use it at this time. Perhaps I will use it this fall, but perhaps sugar water will be best to reduce the acid. I have Norton grapes.