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Wine Yeast CEG (Epernay II) for white | Winemaking Supplies
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Uvaferm CEG (Epernay II) Wine Yeast

Model number: EP2-500
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CEG Epernay II wine yeast, from Uvaferm by Lallemand, is notable for its ability to deliver slow, steady and clean fermentations during the wine making process. Optimal fermentation temperatures range from 15-25°C(59-77°F).

CEG yeast fermentations often stick under stressed condi­tions (low temperatures, low nutrient content, etc.), leaving some residual sugar. This makes CEG wine yeast advanta­geous for use in semi-dry white wines. 

500 gram package. Yeast, in general, is applied at 1 gram per gallon. Also available in 5 gram packet

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