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Cider Making Equipment Kit | Winemaking Supplies
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Cider Making Equipment Kit

$44.12 $37.50
Model number: 5150
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Pair this equipment kit with our Cider House Select Kits one gallon or larger Stock PotCarbonation Drops (1 Package), 2 lbs of Corn Sugar and you will have everything you need to craft your own delicious hard cider.

From traditional apple cider to varieties such as Cherry or Pear Cider- make your own perfect drink for any time of year!

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Contents of Our Wine Making Supply Kit include:

- Plastic bucket with lid: FB7.9
- Hydrometer: H1141
- Hydrometer jar: HJP
- Airlock: PLS
- Long mixing paddle: PS24
- Thermometer: LTH
- Cleanser: ONESTEPA


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