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Ebulliometer measures alcohol content in wine, traditional Dujardin Salleron | Wine making Supplies
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Traditional Ebulliometer (Dujardin-Salleron Model #360)[IRREGULAR AVAILABILITY: See product info]

Model number: EBUL
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These are currently on special order with a 3-4 week typical wait time.

NOTE: While an excellent, time tested instrument, this item has had very irregular availability from the manufacturer over the last several years.  We are accepting orders but customers must understand it may take some time, even possibly several months, to fill the order.  We will deliver the products as we receive them on a first ordered, first served basis.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but the manufacturer's production and delivery schedule is not in our control.  Customers who need an ebulliometer more immediately may wish to consider one of our alternate options.


This item is not eligible for free shipping.

An ebulliometer will provide one of the easiest, fastest, and most accurate methods of determining the alcohol content in dry wines. The test is based on the difference in boiling points of water and wine.  

This traditional non-electric ebulliometer by Dujardin Salleron comes complete with wooden case, digital thermometer, calculation disk, alcohol lamp, water/wine measurement tube, and a box of 12 wicks.

  • Sturdy and solid, containing all metallic parts
  • Portable; fast and easy-to-use
  • Simplified maintenance; most replacement parts available
  • Determine alcohol content to within 0.1% accuracy
  • Accurate and reliable results since 1870

 16" tall once assembled

Be sure to see all the Ebulliometers we have available for determining the alcohol content of your wine.

 Some helpful measurements:
* The diameter of the bunghole on the unit (for the thermometer) is 16mm 

* The diameter of the thermometer is 6mm

* A bung is included with this unit and has a head of 19mm & a tail of 15mm

* A replacement bung is available. The correct size bung is a #1 which had the dimensions of 19mmx14mmx26mm long

It is nickel plated and comes in a wooden carrying case complete with accessories and instructions.

The US Treasury Dept officially approves this ebulliometer for use in commerce.

This has an alcohol burner for heating.

This item is not eligible for promotional free shipping, when available.


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