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Fermentation Packet Wine Yeast and Additives | Winemaking Supplies
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EC8 Fermentation Packet for Red Wine

Model number: EC8-FP
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Recommended Fermentation Packet for:

CA Barbera, Cab Sauv, Zinfandel Royal, Syrah, and Petit Sirah juice pails

Italian Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Amarone, Barolo, Nebbiolo, and Toscana Rosso juice pails


This Fermentation packet includes:

EC-1118 Yeast
Ferments over a wide temperature range and is good for both reds, whites, and restarting stuck or sluggish fermentations. Often imparts subtle citrus like flavors. 

A yeast hydration nutrient providing the nutrients the yeast needs to create healthy cells. Rehydrate the yeast and Go-Ferm together in 1 3/4 oz of warm water before adding to the pail of juice.

FT Rouge
A tannin formulated for its gentle impact. It reacts with natural grape proteins and helps promote color and color stability while enhancing structure. Mouth feel and roundess will be improved reducing the potential for bitter characterisitcs. FT Rouge also provides anti-oxidative protection. Sprinkle into the juice pail and mix well.

Super Ferment
A yeast nutrient and energizer. This is a blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and growth factors, all ingredients needed for optimal yeast reproduction and metabolism. It will help prevent sluggish or stuck fermentations. This nutrient should be added 1/3 to 1/2 way through the fermentation.

Can be picked up at the winery with your Juice or you can choose to have it shipped, Juice MUST BE PICKED UP


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